Jennie Webber
British Birds: Heron

British Birds: Heron

The Grey Heron is the tallest birds in the UK, and you can often see these birds standing incredibly still at the waters edge, waiting to strike at a passing fish with it's strong neck and razor sharp beak. Herons have a wingspan of up to 2m and in mating season the males can be seen to perform wonderful courtship dances for the females.  If they like each other, they both snap their beaks at each other while they run and hop towards each other with outstretched wings. 

This print is part of a series of my favourite British Birds, with the original drawn in ink and painted with watercolour highlights.
10% of the profits from each print sold will be donated to the RSPB.

Indigo Print
Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso 300gsm
Size: 44cm x 30.5cm
Edition of 20/Numbered & Signed
55 GBP